Apr 14, 2010

what I did this week.

I went to my friend's iceskating rink and then to a pinata party.Then for the rest I walked with mt auntPaula with her dog Lola and my mom and then the whole week I went to the park.

Apr 8, 2010

my favorite websites.

Well my favorite websites are clubpenguin.com,
supersecret.com,moshimonsters.com and stardoll.com.
I got yout tube and this one...Its awsome!!!  : - 0 I all so like chainsaws and jelly at  blogspot.com

My favorite devices.

My favorite device is a PSP...
My other favorite device is a NINTENDO DS
It is a COMPUTER and a PHONE...

Apr 7, 2010

my favorite celeberties.

My favorite celeberties are Justin Beiber,miley cyrus,
selen gomez,maranda cosgrove and lots more.I love
their songs their shows their games and lots more.....

Whats my future.

My future is being rich.I would like piles and piles of money.
Whith that money I want a mansion and a limbo.
thats what I want it to look like in the inside.
I would get a yot and a jet.I would have a hot tub too.I love being rich.

What I like.

I like nature.I want to camp out in the forest.I'll grab
my pillow,sleeping bags,my flash light and more.
Here I got picturesof a forest I want to go in to discover

what do I like to eat and drink?

thats man .vs. food
he eats good stuff I want.
Hi my name is jasmine,Im nine years old...
Well I like to eat for dinner pink patato salad and for
lunch I like grilled cheese...My favorite ice cream is chocolate...
I like to drink sprite and my favorite desert can be cake
or chocolate.

what I think about pets?

Hi my name is jasmine,Im 9 years old...
Pets are what I ever want to become.
I want to be an animal I wish I
was born one.I know its kind of weird but thats what
I mostly talk about...

What girls my age are into...

Hi my name is Jasmine,Im 9 years oldd...
What girls my age are into are sports or getting their nails done...
girls my age are into cool stuff and being very smart like me...

Apr 6, 2010

What is my hobby?

Hi my name is Jasmine,I'm 9 years old...
My hobby is basketball cheerleading I acually cheered at the WNBA.I like soccer too...
It is softball swimming and I like doing plays/performing arts...

What I want to be when I grow up...

My name is Jasmine,I'm 9 years old.
When I grow up I want to be a model,a teacher even a doctor...I want to work at the nail salon or be a dancer...I want to work everywhere but I can only work in one place and that will be a model so I will be a model when I grow up.