Mar 22, 2011


Today I was at my cousin's house Marco and me and my sister scootered there. Then we went in the backyard and made a fire. Soo cool. It was soo hard but, then we finally made it. Then as it got bigger and the wind was blowing sparks were flying everywhere. Then we started rroasting marshmallows. I burned mine a lot that it turned Black.We started burrning paper and called it a funeral. That was the endof my day.

Today my story was going to be about me going to the doctors but thats my story tom.

Mar 20, 2011

Mia's Test

Today I went to my aunt's friends house Amanda. She's testing my sister for WJ Three. Will she tested Mia I ate some Chicken Lomain w/ vegies and brocoli. I drew  pictures and filled in a form about like I feel and I think I am and more questions. The pictures I drew she gave me a theme like draw a girl in the rain and draw everyone in your house doing something. In the picture where everyone is doing something I drew myself on the computer like I am doing now lol. I drew my brother watching tv, my sister playing pool, and my mother sleeping in bed (It looked like she was dead) LOL!!! That was the best time of my day.

Mar 19, 2011


Today I played baseball in a field. At first I pitched really good. Lat year I was pitcher of the year. Thas why this year I am practicing pitching for try outs. It's easy to pitch all I have to say to myself is 1234 5678 thats it.On 1 I have the ball and my hand in the glove. Then on 4 I take my hand out of the gloves and is ready to release the ball. Last on 8 I release the ball and I pitch it to my sister. Next I bat and my sis pitches. Shes still learning. When I hit the ball I made a HOMERUN and another and another soo that left me with 3 pionts. WOOHOO!!! I run fast so it's hard for my sister to catch me. That's the best part of my dauy!!!

Nov 23, 2010

I Have to Write a Poem

I have to write a poem but I really don't know how. So maybe I'll just make a rhyme with something dumb, like "cow."  Okay, I'll write about a cow, but that's so commonplace. I think I'll have to make her be... a cow from outer space!  My cow will need a helmet and a space suit and a ship. Of course, she'll keep a blaster in the holster on her hip.  She'll hurtle through the galaxy on meteoric flights to battle monkey aliens in huge karate fights.  She'll duel with laser sabers while avoiding lava spray to vanquish evil emperors and always save the day.  I hope the teacher likes my tale, "Amazing Astro Cow." Yes, that's the poem I will write as soon as I learn how.

Humpty's Big Fall

Humpty Dumpty sat in a tree. Humpty Dumpty got stung by a bee. He fell out and hit his head, and now he thinks his name is "Fred."

I'm Thankful for Turkey

I'm thankful for turkey. I'm thankful for yams. I'm thankful for cranberries, biscuits, and hams.
I'm thankful for pumpkins. I'm thankful for cheese. I'm thankful for gravy, potatoes, and peas.  I'm thankful for stuffing; I'm nuts for the stuff. I'm thankful for eggnog and marshmallow fluff.  I'm thankful for whipped cream and ice cream and pies. I'm thankful for dad's double-chocolate surprise.  I'm thankful, Thanksgiving, for good things to eat. But mostly I'm thankful I still see my feet.

Gilman Glum

When Gilman Glum would suck his thumb, he'd claim, "It's just the best! It's simply incontestable. I've put it to the test.  "I've sucked the thumbs of kings and queens, of presidents and popes. I've sucked the thumbs of geniuses and even those of dopes.  "The taste is so delectable. No other thumb compares. I've tried the thumbs of beggared bums and multi-millionaires.  "I've tasted thumbs from far away and thumbs from right next door; from San Francisco, Santa Fe, and even Singapore.  "I tried a few from Kathmandu and Norway and Nepal. Yes, when it comes to sucking thumbs I'm sure I've tried them all.  "If ever you could try it too I'm sure that you'd agree. But, sadly though you'll never know; my thumb is just for me."