Mar 19, 2011


Today I played baseball in a field. At first I pitched really good. Lat year I was pitcher of the year. Thas why this year I am practicing pitching for try outs. It's easy to pitch all I have to say to myself is 1234 5678 thats it.On 1 I have the ball and my hand in the glove. Then on 4 I take my hand out of the gloves and is ready to release the ball. Last on 8 I release the ball and I pitch it to my sister. Next I bat and my sis pitches. Shes still learning. When I hit the ball I made a HOMERUN and another and another soo that left me with 3 pionts. WOOHOO!!! I run fast so it's hard for my sister to catch me. That's the best part of my dauy!!!

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